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Iron Bull – Dragon Age Inquisition Guide

Iron Bull – Dragon Age Inquisition Guide

The Iron Bull is a beast of a Qunari who can join your group as a savage fighter, becoming one of your

Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Iron Bull Trailer

You know that phrase, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” The Iron Bull doesn’t.

The Iron Bull & inquisitor Story | Dragon Age: Inquisition

Iron Bull romance with male human Inquisitor.

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Dragon Age Inquisition – Class Build – Reaver Warrior!

Destroy your enemies with the power of the Reaver! Drink the blood of your foes and tear through their flesh with devastating attacks! The Reaver specialization for this 2-Hand Warrior is unlike anything else out there!

This guide focuses on how to build your class using a combination of standard skills from the Two-Hand and Vanguard tree, and new active and passives from the Reaver specialization tree for 2-hand Warrior. These builds can be used of course for your main character, but have also been designed to be just as viable for use with your AI teammates.

This build has been put together from a fresh respec. With about 17-20 points to place, you can put together a very powerful Reaver that has everything it needs to dominate on the battlefield. Take a trip down memory lane with these amazing Atari Jaguar emulator games!

Two-Handed Weapon

Block and Slash /
Mighty Blow /
Easy Target (Skill Upgrade) /
Flow of Battle /
Shield Breaker


Challenge /
Charging Bull /
Gore and Trample (Skill Upgrade) /
Trust the Steel /
It’ll Cost You /
Unbowed /
Still Standing (Skill Upgrade)

Reaver (Specialization)

Ring of Pain /
Torrent of Pain (Skill Upgrade) /
Blood Frenzy /
Fervor /
Scenting Blood /
Devour /
Dragon-Rage /
Ravage (Skill Upgrade)

From here, I recommend focusing on Skill Upgrades like Consume for Devour and other passives like Terrifying Fury. You can unlock more active skills if you like, but keep in mind you only have 8 skills you can equip at one time.

More class builds on the way! Check out the previous guides below!

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Crafting Weapons, Armor and Upgrades!

Crafting Material Farming Guide! #1

Crafting Material Farming Guide! #2 Exalted Plains

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Dragon Age Inquisition: Complete Iron Bull Romance (Male Inquisitor)

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