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Mognet Central – Final Fantasy IX Guide

Mognet Central – Final Fantasy IX Guide

This side quest spans throughout the game and involves delivering letters between moogles. The reward for completing this quest may not be much but since

Final Fantasy IX Part 67 – Fixing Mognet Central & Uncovering the Secret of the Eidolon Wall!

Time to finally fix Mognet Central! To do this, we’ll need to do a big letter chain, to get a certain item needed to fix the machine!

Afterwords, we head for Madain Sari for ANOTHER quest I’ve never done! This one is super cryptic, but worth it, as what it reveals is very special…

Mognet Central and the Magical Fingertip! | Final Fantasy IX #56

Coming up next on Final Fantasy IX:
Here are some major sidequests: Our favorite Moogles haven’t been receiving letters lately, and they say it’s because a machine in Mognet Central broke down! Today, we shall unravel the mystery behind Mognet Central and the Magical Fingertip!

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Final Fantasy IX is well, the ninth Final Fantasy (FF) game released by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) back in 2000 for the Sony PlayStation (PS1). In contrast to the other FF games released for the PS1, FFIX has dropped the futuristic settings of its immediate predecessors in favor of returning back to the franchise’s roots.

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Let’s Play Final Fantasy IX (Blind) Episode 88: Mognet Central

We finish off the Mognet Central Sidequest!

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Final Fantasy 9 Walkthrough Part 80 – Mognet Central!

Finishing Mognet Central pulls us another protect ring.