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Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation 4 Review

Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation 4 Review

It makes using a gigantic hard drive with your PS4 an affordable possibility, but comes with caveats.

Nyko Data Bank Unboxing product overview for PS4

Just my unboxing and overview of Nyko Data Bank for PS4. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


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Nyko Databank Review – 3.50 PS4 Update – Works Perfectly Now!

The 3.50 PS4 update fixed every single issue with hard drives bigger than 2tb, which made getting the nyko a no brainer!

Nyko Data Bank Review by a Gamer since Atari

Is Nyko Data Bank a good investment? Yes! I now have 2 TB of memory and if Sony offers an update latter I might be able to add even more memory. About 3 or 4 months ago I had to start juggling what I wanted to save on my system and yeah I deleted the game PT and it is forever lost. With this new add-on I have reinstalled, update, and moved my saved games to the new 2 TB 3.5 hard drive. I still have almost a TB left. Being a plus member you get free games but no way you can keep them on installed with your other games without juggling memory but now you can. It only took me about 40 minutes to do the Nyko install with the initialization and moving saved games but it took a couple days to install every game with updates and add-ons. So I would really suggest adding on this Data Bank early on in your PS4; less to move and would have been so much easier. So if you just bought a PS4 and feel you are good on memory, I still suggest the Data Bank. Talk to me in a year if you disagree. I’ll be adding links to where you can find the stuff to do this if you decide to, just review the comment section. I am giving this Nyko Data Bank 5 stars!

Nyko Data Bank for PlayStation®4 – Installation Walkthrough

Learn how to install the Nyko Data Bank on your PlayStation®4.

In this video, we show you just how easy it is to install your new Data Bank from Nyko and upgrade the storage capacity of your PlayStation®4.

**With the 3.50 firmware update for PS4™ we recommend up to 4TB for models below CUH-1200 and for models above CUH-1200, we recommend up to 8TB.

Pick up your own Data Bank at http://nyko.com/collections/playstation-4/products/playstation-4-data-bank

Data Bank hard drive size limit blog post: http://nyko.com/blogs/news/81188612-2tb-restriction-lifted-from-nyko-data-bank-for-newer-ps4-models

**Customer Support: http://nyko.com/pages/contact-us


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